Invitrocue provides robust multiplex signaling pathway analysis (cisPROFILER) and GPCR activities monitoring (targetPROFILER) within living cells using EXTassay and splitSENSOR technology.

•cisPROFILER measure >99 cellular pathway simultaneously.
•TargetPROFILER and ScreenPROFLIER target GPCR and multiple RTK activities in HTS manner.
•αAdrenergic receptors (ADRA1A, 2B,2C)
•βdrenergic receptors (ADRB2)
•Vasopressin receptors (AVPR1A, AVPR2)
•Dopamine receptors (DRD1,2,4,5)
•Serotonin receptors (HTR1A, 2A, 4, 5A, 7)
•Somatostatin receptors (SSRT1, 2, 3)
EGF receptor family (EGFR, ERBB2, 3, 4)

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