Engineering in vitro & in vivo liver models for safety and efficacy testing.

Liver function is essential for understanding drug compound metabolism, safety, and efficacy. At Invitrocue, we focus on developing predictive in vitro models for biotech, pharmaceutical industry, and consumer health companies. Improved in vitro models can help to reduce the cost and time of product development, and minimises the risks of downstream testing. Select from our list of standard assays or get in touch with our scientific team to find out what best meets your R&D needs.

Salient Features:

  • Assays routinely run on human hepatocytes, rat hepatocytes and HepaRG®
  • Assays can also be run on mouse, dog and monkey hepatocytes
  • Customized assays with proprietary 3D cell models
  • Assays co-developed with leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Highly experienced operations team