In Vitro DMPK & Toxicology Services

Invitrocue provides physicochemical properties, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and drug safety assessments using cell-free assays and cryo-preserved human hepatocytes.

In Vitro DMPK Services
•Physicochemical profiling
•Solubility: Aqueous and lipophilicity LogD
•Chemical stability
•Absorption: PAMPA and Caco2 permeability assays
•Distribution: Plasma protein binding, plasma stability
•Metabolism: Metabolic stability in human hepatocyte & mouse liver microsome
•Drug-drug interaction
•Phase I CYP inhibition/induction
•Phase II UGT inhibition
•Metabolite profiling
In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Service
•Fundamental pharmacokinetics
•Tissue distribution
•Blood-brain barrier assay
In Vitro and In Vivo Toxicology Services
•Cytotoxicity screening using 2D/3D primary cell models
•Reactive acyl glucuronide measurement (RAG)
•In vivo 14, 28, 60, 90-days Toxicity study (GLP)