Cellulose Sponge Series Novel 3D in vitro Platform Technology


The 3D CelluSponge series is a range of innovative in vitro platforms applicable for 3D cell culture. It is fabricated from inert hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) where each disk is 1 mm thick and has a uniform macroporosity of 80 – 150 mm. The controlled macroporosity in the sponge leads to the formation of uniformly sized spheroids thereby preventing necrosis in the spheroid core via access to nutrients without mass transfer limitations. The constrained spheroids have shown excellent maintenance of 3D cell morphology, viability, cell-cell interaction, cell polarity, synthetic and metabolic functions. The 3D CelluSponge exhibits minimal drug absorption and could be a promising tool for drug safety testing in vitro.


  • No specific ligand
  • Suitable for cancer cell lines, mouse fibroblasts (NIH-3T3), human foreskin fibroblasts (HFF)
  • Galactose Conjugated HPC Scaffold
  • Collagen conjugated
  • Suitable for hepatic progenitor cells and human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC)
  • Suitable for primary hepatocytes & hepatic cell lines


  • Benefits:
  • Homogenous distribution of cell spheroids
  • Preventing necrosis of the spheroid core
  • Long term maintenance of cellular function and viability
  • Compatible with different imaging modalities
  • Compatible with multi-well plates and inserts
  • Compatible with standard downstream analytical techniques


  • 3D cell culture
  • Hepatocyte culture
  • In vitro DMPK assays
  • In vitro toxicology
  • Stem cell differentiation
  • Patient-derived organoids (PDOs)
  • Pathogen infection and detection