Invivocue's HiMice

Invivocue was formed as a joint venture between Invitrocue, an innovative life sciences company providing in vitro liver models for drug toxicology testing, as well as 3D patient-derived organoid technology for personalised oncology, and Dr Chen Qing Feng, a Principal Investigator at A*STAR Singapore, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, whose research expertise focused on humanised mouse models for various disease applications.


Invivocue’s proprietary HiMice are a humanised mouse model with a stably reconstituted human immune system. As HiMice express the human immune system, they are an ideal in vivo animal model for research in human immunology, oncology, inflammation and infectious diseases.

Available customization:

  Cytokine Plasmids  Function
  IL-15  Improve T-cell and NK-cell differentiation and proliferation
  GM-CSF  Improved granulocyte, monocyte, macrophage and eosinophils differentiation
  IL-4  Increased T and B lymphocyte proliferation
  IL-3  Improved proliferation of a broad range of hematopoietic cell types
  M-CSF  Improved macrophage differentiation and proliferation
  IL-7  Increase T-cell development
Invivocue's HiMice
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