Customized Assays and Disease Modelling

Invitrocue has expertise in customised human primary cell-based assays to support early and late-stage compound evaluation for candidate selection and lead optimization. Our team of highly experienced scientists is able to develop disease models that best suit your R&D needs. We are able to offer confocal microscopy, PCR and sequencing services.

We welcome partners to co-develop normal and disease models with us.

Examples of customizable assays:

  • Pro-inflammatory cytokines and biomarker analysis
  • 3D Organoid model development for drug tests
  • Kinase (hit /non-hit screening) assays
  • iPSC Pluripotency test
  • Bioanalytical services:
    • Histology – H&E and Immunohistochemistry (IHC)
    • Flow cytometry
    • 3D cell imaging
    • Gene Expression analysis
    • Proteomic analysis using ELISA Test
Customized Assays and Disease Modelling
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