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Onco-PDOTM test offers a strategic approach in targeting and personalizing your cancer treatment. A sample of your tumor is taken during surgery or routine biopsies and grown in the laboratory. The cells from this tissue sample are grown in a 3-dimensional environment like human body, which form complex structures called PDOs (Patient-Derived Organoids)

These PDOs are then tested against standard-of-care chemotherapeutic drugs (as recommended by your physician) to determine the response of Onco-PDOs under laboratory conditions. The studied response is then drafted as a Onco-PDOTM report and provided to your physician.#.

# Response data in the in vitro Onco-PDO® test may not always be reflective of patient-specific response due to additional physiological factors.

The test will provide an overview of how the cells extracted from your own tumor respond to a panel of standard chemotherapeutic drugs under laboratory conditions. This additional information from Onco-PDOTM report can provide an insight to your physician in understanding your tumor’s response to the drugs under laboratory conditions.

To date, this test has been done for breast, ovarian, lung, colorectal, pancreatic, gastric cancer as well as head & neck cancers (Asia only); we are in the process of optimizing the test for other cancer types, such as prostate. The test is intended for patients who will be undergoing chemotherapy and is especially useful for relapsed patients who have not shown response to first line therapy.

This test has been developed in collaboration with A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore, a world-leading research institution in functional genomics and integrative biology. The technology supporting the test has been published in peer-reviewed journals like Nature Communications and Nature Medicine.

Once your samples are received for testing, results are typically available in 2-3 weeks to your physician*.

* There is no guarantee that a tumour model can be successfully developed from the sample taken to complete the testing, due to potential sample contamination, low cell number / viability or other limitations with the sample collected.

It is best to talk to your doctor^.

^ The Onco-PDO® Testing Service is not a substitute for visits to a physician. The information in these reports should not be used independently to determine or adjust any treatment plan. Many factors besides the information covered in these reports can influence how a patient responds to a drug.

Tests for patients in Europe are performed in our laboratory in Munich, Germany with the highest standards of laboratory practice. Tests for patients in Asia are performed in our laboratory in Singapore.

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