Invitrocue's Personalized Oncology



Just as your body and your cancer are unique, your cancer treatment should be too. Everyone’s genetic makeup and environmental influences make them who they are, and these individual differences between people produce critical distinctions in how effective drug treatments will be. To accommodate for them, your treatment should be personalized just for you.


However, in current cancer treatments, patients are subjected to a “one-size-fits-all” approach in which standard drugs are given based on general population studies. If a drug does not work, another is tried. This trial-and-error method means a patient may have to go through many treatments before finding the best one—a process that is extremely taxing on the body, costly, and a waste of critical treatment time.

Scientists at Invitrocue have developed our proprietary Onco-PDO® (Patient-Derived Organoid) test, which helps to personalise your cancer treatment. Drug testing is done on samples of your tumour cells grown in the lab, allowing for a more informed and tailored treatment plan that will help you save time and money, and maximize your chances for a positive outcome.

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