Invitrocue's Personalized Oncology



Just as your body and your cancer are unique, your cancer treatment should be too.

Everyone’s genetic makeup and environmental influences make them who they are, and these individual differences between people produce critical distinctions in how effective drug treatments will be. To accommodate for them, your treatment should be personalized just for you.



Many cancer treatments today are “one-size-fits-all”. Developed based on studies using large patient numbers from the general population, these treatments don’t take into account the differences amongst people. As a result, patients like you may receive what is considered “standard” treatment. In many cases, they work. However, in the cases where they don’t, you will then be given another treatment in the quest to find one that does. This trial-and-error approach means a patient like you may have to go through many treatments before finding the best one – a process that is extremely taxing on both the patient’s health and body, and results in loss of critical treatment time, as well as causing additional financial burdens.

Our scientists at Invitrocue have developed the propriety Onco-PDOTM (Patient-Derived Organoid) test, which goes the next step to personalize your treatment further. With these results, physicians can prescribe the most appropriate treatment regime that suits your particular type of cancer. In choosing the most effective drugs quickly and accurately, critical treatment time is boosted and so are your chances for the desired positive outcome. This allows for unique and tailored treatment of your cancer – the myth of the “one-size-fits-all” treatment is no more.

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