Invitrocue’s Personalized Oncology

How does my oncologist know which
therapy is best for me?


Your cancer is so different and unique as you are. But treatments today are still mostly one-size-fits-all.

The Onco-PDO™ test of Invitrocue can enable your oncologists to design a more individual and personalized cancer treatment.


What benefits do I have from the Onco-PDO™ Test?

The Onco-PDO™ test report provides an additional data key point that can give your doctor an insight into your tumor’s response to the medication under laboratory conditions.


How does the Onco-PDO™ test work?

The chemotherapeutic drugs selected by your oncologist will be tested on your individual mini organ (PDOs) in the Invitrocue laboratory. The response of each individual treatment will be analyzed, and the report will be provided to your oncologist in a clinically relevant time frame.​

What are “Patient-derived Organoids”?

Your tumor cells will grow as mini organ in a 3-Dimensional culture called PDOs (Patient-Derived- Organoids). ​


Is the Onco-PDO™ test appropriate for me?

Currently, the Onco-PDO™ test can be performed for breast-, ovarian-, lung-, colorectal-, pancreatic-, gastric- and head & neck cancers.
We are permanently working on further developing of the test also for other cancer entities. 

The test is intended for you when you have to undergo chemotherapy.

It is especially useful for relapsed patients who have not shown response to first line therapy.

What kind of data does the test provide?

The Onco-PDO™ test report provides the information about the response of Patient-Derived-Organoids (PDO) to the drugs under laboratory conditions.

What happens with the Onco-PDO™ test results?

This additional information from Onco-PDO™ test can provide an insight to your physician in better understanding your tumor’s response. 


Where can the Onco-PDO™ test be performed?

The Onco-PDO™ test is performed in our high standard laboratories in Munich/Germany; Hongkong; Singapore and soon in São Paolo/Brazil. 
The Onco-PDO™ test is available as a CE IVD validated test.

Just ask your treating oncologist about the Onco-PDO™ test. 

We welcome all your enquiries. 
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Scientific research and development

With our international Invitrocue team, we constantly monitor our ​quality through clinical studies.

Get in contact with our scientists to learn more about it.