Personalized Oncology

Frequently Asked Questions

This test offers a more targeted and personalized approach to your cancer treatment. Samples of your tumour are taken during surgery or routine biopsies and grown in the laboratory. Rather than testing treatments directly on you, the testing is done instead on these samples using various cancer drugs to determine which ones would be the most effective for you. Enough sample can be taken during the surgery or biopsy procedure for the complete test; there are no additional requirements. This information can then be used by your physician to develop a more informed and individually tailored treatment strategy for your cancer#.

The test will provide an overview of how your cancer cells respond to the panel of standard chemotherapies. It ranks the therapeutic options best suited for your cancer and allows for personalized treatment to be tailored just for you, as a result increasing the likelihood of a positive response to the therapeutics prescribed. Invitrocue’s Onco-PDOTM can help you receive the unique treatment you deserve, and this can mean all the difference.

To date, this test has been validated for various forms of cancers such as head and neck as well as colorectal cancers.

1)         First and foremost, the test helps to select the best available standard-of-care chemotherapies for your personalized treatment, based on your cancer cells’ responses to the drugs.

2)         It is comprehensive, as all standard-of-care chemotherapies are tested to obtain the optimal treatment options.

3)         It is fast, as the test report is delivered within only 3 weeks, allowing your physician to start you on the best regime without any further delay.

This test has been developed in collaboration with A*STAR’s Genome Institute of Singapore, a world-leading research institution in the field of personalised oncology. It has also been validated in human clinical trials.

Once your samples are received for testing, results are typically available in 3 weeks*.

It is best to consult your doctor for information regarding this test.

The test is performed in our laboratory in Singapore with the highest standard of laboratory practice. Furthermore, each individual report is specially designed to clarify the results for your physician and aid in their decision-making.