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Published On 02 January

Invitrocue – 50 Top Investment Ideas for 2019 – The Australian Newspaper

We are proud to share that Invitrocue has been mentioned as one of the 50 top investment ideas for 2019 in The Australian, the biggest-selling national newspaper in Australia!  Healthcare bio-analytics play (21) Invitrocue (IVQ) has made significant progress with its flagship product Onco-PDO, a cell-based scaffolding technology that gathers a patient’s cancer information to guide […]

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Published On 03 December

Invitrocue’s Steven Fang: Insights into the Asian Biopharma Market

Published: Nov 29, 2018 By Mark Terry Steven Fang, Executive Director of Invitrocue It comes as no surprise to anyone that China is considered a big and booming potential market for drugs and medicines—or anything else, for that matter. The country has 1.3 billion people and a growing middle class that can afford to buy what they […]

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Published On 28 November

Health Investor Asia – The Serial Entrepreneur: Interview with Steven Fang

Originally published in Health Investor Asia – view PDF article here. Steven Fang understands how to set up a healthcare company. Not only is he chief executive and founder of ASX-listed oncology company Invitrocue, he was also the founder of Singapore-based Cordlife Group, a healthcare company which provides cord blood and cord lining banking services. […]

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Published On 13 April

Invitrocue unveils novel cancer detection method, screens first customer in Singapore

Bio-analytic healthcare provider Invitrocue (ASX: IVQ), has advanced its proprietary cancer-detection test by screening its first commercial Onco-PDO customer in Singapore.

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Published On 30 November

2017 AGM Presentation

2017 AGM Presentation

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Published On 24 July

Launch of New Joint Innovation Laboratory to Advance Personalised Medicine for Cancer Treatment

L-R: Dr Benjamin Seet, Executive Director of the Biomedical Research Council, A*STAR; His Excellency Bruce Gosper, the Australian High Commissioner to Singapore; Dr Steven Fang, Chief Executive Officer / Founder, Invitrocue Ltd; The Hon Martin Hamilton Smith, Minister for Trade and Investment, South Australian Government; Dr Raj Thampuran, Managing Director, A*STAR; Professor Ng Huck Hui, […]

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Published On 05 May

A*STAR TV Business Insider – The Story of Invitrocue

Invitrocue is featured in the first episode of A*STAR TV Business Insider. Watch this broadcast as it tells the story of company, the technology and the people.  

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Published On 22 March

Asia Malaria Images Exhibition

Event: Asia Malaria Images Exhibition Opening Talk (Singapore) Venue: The Pod, Level 16, National Library Board, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 18806 Date: 09 September 2017, Saturday   Invitrocue is proud to be an official sponsor of the Asia Malaria Image campaign as part of the Company’s corporate social responsibility initiative. Mark this day and visit […]

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Published On 14 March

Singapore-Australia Cooperation on Science and Technology Takes Off

Singapore-Australia cooperation on science and technology takes off ; Landing Pad start-up accelerator is latest initiative in strategic partnership   The Singapore Government has also boosted co-investment support for promising start-ups specialising in deep-technology, such as medical technology, clean technology and advanced manufacturing and engineering. “Collectively, we expect these initiatives to further boost the local […]

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Published On 13 March

Second Mention in Speech by Minister Iswaran at the Official Opening of the Australian Landing Pad in Singapore

SPEECH BY MR S ISWARAN, MINISTER FOR TRADE AND INDUSTRY (INDUSTRY), AT THE OFFICIAL OPENING OF THE AUSTRALIAN LANDING PAD IN SINGAPORE, ON MONDAY, 13 MARCH 2017, 1040 HRS, AT BASH (79 AYER RAJAH CRESCENT) International connections are critical to facilitating innovation and supporting Singapore’s startup ecosystem. Excerpt:- 8. One example is home-grown local startup […]

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