InvitroCue and Swiss InSphero MOU Signing Ceremony

MOU Signing Ceremony between InvitroCue and Swiss InSphero and Technology Sharing Session
On 8th April, 2015, the technology sharing session entitled “Cell Modeling and Analysis Method for Drug Research” was held at NUS (Suzhou) Research Institute. As one of the activities of Singapore-China (Suzhou) Innovation Centre’s NUSRI International Technology Commercialisation platform, the platform steadily supports Singapore InvitroCue to introduce advanced in vitro 3D cell-cultivation & drug-detection technology into Suzhou Industrial Park. With this, the platform further develops the local biological medicine research & development to become worldclass. The technical session sharing has won wide support from local industry specialists and global corporations alike. Well-known international biotechnical companies like BD of USA, Beckman of USA & QIAGEN of Germany,KCI of Nanjing have attended and participated in this session.
MOU Signing Ceremony of InvitroCue and InSphero
Dr. Michael McMillian, Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, delivered a technical presentation on “In Vitro Cell-based Assays for Drug Development”