About Invitrocue

Invitrocue is a leading provider of bio-analytic solutions including in vitro cell-based testing technologies and image analytics software for use in digital pathology. Invitrocue has developed a unique 3D cell-based scaffolding technology that mimics human organ samples for using in the field of infectious diseases. In 2016, the company expanded its work in liver disease to the field of oncology. The technology enables patient-derived cancer cells (organoids) to be cultured in laboratories for testing against a panel of drugs to support clinical decision making for individual patients (personalised medicine).

Invitrocue’s technology originated in Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Invitrocue has been developed and validated in partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical companies and scientific collaborators.

Invitrocue currently operates in Singapore and China and is listed on Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker IVQ.



应求生物科技有限公司(应求公司)是提供生物学分析测试解决方案的行业领头,致力于提供基于细胞模型的体外测试服务和用于数字病理切片图像分析处理的软件。应求公司独创的三维(3D)细胞模型可以模拟人体肝脏病毒感染相关疾病特征。该技术可以对来自患者的肿瘤细胞(类器官 ‘organoids’)进行体外培养,用于进行一系列已批准的药物以及潜在新药的药效测试,而为患者选择最佳的治疗方案提供依据,实现患者的个体化用药治疗。


应求公司目前在新加坡和中国运营,是澳大利亚证券交易所上市公司, 股票代码IVQ。