Invitrocue Appoints Professor Masakazu Toi as Clinical Advisor


January 11, 2019 – Invitrocue Limited (ASX: IVQ), a leader healthcare bio-analytic solutions provider, is pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Masakazu Toi as Clinical Advisor of Invitrocue.

A renowned oncology expert having held various roles as healthcare provider, scholar, and opinion leader, Professor Toi brings strong clinical oncology knowledge and experience especially in breast cancer, as well as a wide network with cancer institutes and hospitals in Japan. Joining at a time when Invitrocue accelerates the global roll-out of it’s proprietary Onco-PDO® personalised cancer screening test, Professor Toi will advise Invitrocue’s research team on clinical validation and cancer menu expansion of Onco-PDO® in Japan. He will also play an important role in identifying and engaging key partners, including local cancer research centres, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

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