Asia Malaria Images Exhibition

Event: Asia Malaria Images Exhibition Opening Talk (Singapore)

Venue: The Pod, Level 16, National Library Board, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore 18806

Date: 09 September 2017, Saturday


Invitrocue is proud to be an official sponsor of the Asia Malaria Image campaign as part of the Company’s corporate social responsibility initiative.

Mark this day and visit us at the National Library Board, Singapore. Click here for more information.

Invitrocue 3D cell-based scaffolding technology, which fully mimics “a human liver in the lab” was utilised in a research collaboration with the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases to investigate the lifecycle of Plasmodium cynomolgi (monkey malaria) and evaluate new drug targets to malaria infection using in vitro hepatocyte culture systems. Source: BioSpectrum, 16 May 2016.