InvitroCue Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement With QIAGEN Suzhou

August 22, 2016 – InvitroCue Limited (ASX:IVQ) has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary InvitroCue Biomedical Service Suzhou (“InvitroCue Suzhou”) has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with QIAGEN Suzhou Translational Medicine Co. Limited (“QIAGEN Suzhou”).


Pursuant to the agreement, InvitroCue Suzhou and QIAGEN Suzhou will jointly accelerate the discovery of biomarkers and translational medicine research for the Chinese biopharmaceutical market. InvitroCue Suzhou will provide its 3D cellulosic scaffolding technology and cell-based assay to build in vitro screening models for QIAGEN Suzhou. The first contract under the agreement is for an in vitro cell-based transfection screening model aimed at validating the most effective siRNA sequences using QIAGEN ® siRNA library and transfection reagents.


“Establishing a strategic partnership with QIAGEN Suzhou is a major endorsement of our unique cell-based technology and will be immediately revenue generating,” said Dr. Steven Fang, Executive Director of InvitroCue. “By utilizing our cell-based expertise, we look forward to expanding the range of high quality services we provide QIAGEN Suzhou,” he said.


“We are very pleased to have entered into the strategic partnership with InvitroCue Suzhou, a leading Contract Research Organization (CRO) in China dedicated to providing professional 3D cell-based models,” said Dr. Wesley Zhang, the Business Development Director of QIAGEN Suzhou. “By collaborating with InvitroCue, we could expand our industry leading services for biomarker discovery and translational medicine research. We believe that the strategic partnership is a significant milestone in providing our integrated solution approach of precision medicine in work with pharmaceutical and hospital clients,” added Dr. Zhang.The Strategic Partnership Agreement will be in effect for three years before ending in August 2019.


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根据合作协议,应求苏州和凯杰苏州将共同加快生物标志物的发现及应用转化,从而更好的为中国生物制药市场提供服务。应求苏州将基于三维(3D)细胞支架技术和细胞的相关功能测定而为凯杰苏州提供体外细胞模型服务。这种体外细胞筛选模型,通过采用QIAGEN® siRNA(小分子干扰核糖核酸)文库和转染试剂来验证最有效 siRNA序列的服务模式,系双方首创。


“建立与凯杰苏州的战略合作伙伴关系是我们独特的细胞技术的一大代言, 并将立即获得收益,” 应求生物科技有限公司执行董事范文星博士说,“我们期待用我们的技术专长协助凯杰苏州更加快捷的提供全方位的优质服务”。


“我们非常高兴,已经与应求苏州建立战略合作伙伴关系。应求苏州是中国领先的合同研究组织(CRO),致力于提供专业的三维细胞模型服务。” 凯杰苏州业务发展总监张伟博士说,”通过与应求公司的合作,我们可以扩大我们行业领先的生物标志物的发现和转化医学研究服务。我们相信,战略伙伴关系的建立,是我们为制药公司客户和医院客户提供精准医疗综合解决方案的一个里程碑。”







For more information, please contact:

Matthew Gregorowski, Citadel-MAGNUS

T: +61 2 8234 0100


Wei Zhang, QIAGEN Suzhou

T: +86 512 86868600-8006


About InvitroCue

InvitroCue is an Australian-based biotechnology and life science services company. The Company focuses on the commercialization of its analytics services using cell-based model and imaging based technology. Its cell-based services enable pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies to refine their drug, ingredient, compound or vaccine discovery efforts. Its digital pathology business offers solutions, including slide scanning and digitization; image analytics of tissues and cell samples; pathology consultation with board certified pathologists, and telepathology via an online web-based portal. It provides products and services in the field of in vitro drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK), in vitro toxicology and digital pathology utilizing cell-based models and analytics. It offers image analytics services for liver disease applications.

InvitroCue’s technology originated in Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). InvitroCue has been developed and validated in collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies and scientific collaborators.

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QIAGEN Suzhou Translational Medicine Co., Ltd. (“QIAGEN Suzhou”) is an innovative company that provides complete solutions for precision medicine. With a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the most advanced technologies and platforms as well as a committed and talented steam, QIAGEN Suzhou offers our partners fully integrated solutions from biomarker discovery and lab testing development and patient stratification by molecular testing during clinical trials, to companion diagnostics (CDx) kit development all the way to commercialization. Website: