Advances in Cell-based Screening for Drug Discovery 2016 (Event)


Advances in Cell-based Screening for Drug Discovery 2016 

1. The Use of Genome Editing and iPS Directed Differentiation Systems to Model Human Liver and Pancreatic Disease in vitro
(by Dr. Marcus Yeo, Chief Executive Officer, DefiniGEN)

Yeo will be overviewing the use of CRISPR gene-editing in combination with induced Pluripotent (iPS) cell differentiation platforms to generate liver and pancreatic disease modelled cell types. The cells can effectively recapitulate the pathology of a range of metabolic disease ranging from diabetes to hypercholesterolemia.

2. A Fluidic Culture System Enabling Human Physiology on the Bench Top 
(by Mr. Steve Klose, Director of Sales and Marketing, SciKon Innovation)

Klose will be holding a discussion on both drug induced liver injury (DILI) of human hepatocyte and the increased potency and efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs due to in vitro bioactivation within the SciFlow 1000 Fluidic Culture System.

3. In vitro Hepatocyte Based Approaches for Compound Ranking in Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery
(by Dr. Abhishek Ananthanarayanan, Director of Scientific Development, InvitroCue)

Nowadays, majority of the work has moved to the use of primary hepatocytes (human), allowing multiple processes and end points to be investigated in the same model that is more representative of the in vivo liver. However, novel approaches and assays are also needed to extract maximal insight on the overlap between ADME and toxicity.

Abhishek will be discussing on the 3D models that can be use for predicting human specific toxicity that cannot be currently screened in vitro and also for studying infectious diseases of the liver.

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