InvitroCue Announces Publication of Results in Human Stem Cell Derived Hepatocytes in 3D Culture System Used in Liver Drug Testing Assays

May 24, 2016 – InvitroCue (ASX:IVQ), a leader in advanced bio-analytics, has today announced that the results of the Company’s 3D Culture System for growing stem cell derived hepatocytes have been published in the May print and web editions of Molecular Pharmaceutics (Mol. Pharmaceutics). Mol. Pharmaceutics is an official peer-reviewed online scientific journal which focuses on drug discovery and drug development research areas. The paper, entitled “Functionally Enhanced Human Stem Cell Derived Hepatocytes in Galactosylated Cellulosic Sponges for Hepatotoxicity Testing,” proved that pluripotent stem cell derived hepatocyte-like cells (hPSC-HLCs) were functionally enhanced by culturing the cells in 3D cellulosic scaffolds. In addition, it showed that the cells can be maintained and differentiated in the 3D cellulosic scaffolding technology due to the physical properties of the scaffolds and optimised media conditions.


A copy of the paper is available on Mol. Pharmaceutics. InvitroCue Director Dr Hanry Yu, Professor of Physiology at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (National University of Singapore) and Group Leader of Tissue Engineering at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at A*STAR is the corresponding author and InvitroCue researchers Dr. Abhishek Anathanarayanan and Ms. Yinghua Qu are the contributing authors.


“Previous journals have shown that there are advantages in growing stem cell derived hepatocytes in 3D culture but in this study we have demonstrated the utility of our 3D cellulosic scaffolding technology for growing stem cell derived hepatocytes and evaluated it for drug testing applications,” said Dr. Abhishek Anathanarayanan, Director of Scientific Development of InvitroCue. “We are pleased to see the publication of this evidence supporting the use of the technology in liver drug testing,” he said.


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InvitroCue is an Australian-based biotechnology and life science services company. The Company focuses on the commercialisation of its analytics services using cell-based model and imaging based technology. Its cell-based services enable pharmaceutical and cosmetics

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